We believe that there's no better reflection of our true selves than the way that we interact with the world. In short, we Are what we Do.

Our design aesthetics are governed by the belief that simplicity, elegance and comfort are beautiful, in fact timeless. we use sustainable fibers and eco-friendly production processes to reduce our impact on the environment.

We also believe that you can only get to a good-end, through good-means. We are proud to produce our garments at America’s First Fair Trade Certified factory. The men and women who make our clothes are a vital part of our team. By treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve, we strive to empower them and be a positive force in our community—local, national, and global alike.

We want our products to reflect our company's values and we work hard to make sure these values are aligned with the conscious consumers we proudly call Our Customers.

Mission & History


Textile manufacturing has been a tradition in our family for three generations. In 2002, we put our passion for the planet and decades of experience in apparel manufacturing behind the creation of our first brand “BGREEN”

 Our Mission was simple: Produce premium quality apparel that looks good, fits comfortably and leaves the world a better place.

 As citizens of this planet, we believe it is everyone’s responsibility to protect and preserve our natural resources for this generation and many more to come. And, with the support of a growing number of conscious consumers, we intend to continue to do our part.


Made in USA


We use eco-friendly fibers, less water, less energy and local manufacturing for an overall smaller carbon footprint.

We exclusively use of eco-friendly fibers including certified organic cotton from imported and domestic sources. Our products are manufactured at our family owned factory in Southern California.

We own our own knitting, cutting, sewing, printing & packing operations. Although most garment manufacturing in the past 20 years has moved offshore, we have stayed committed to our cause of producing eco-friendly and socially responsible products right here in the United States.



While every manufacturing process has an impact on the environment, our sustainability focus is to continuously find ways to reduce that impact.

Eco-friendly Raw material:

We exclusively use organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, etc.

Low impact dyeing and finishing

Our local dye house is Bluesign compliant using advanced technologies, saving an average of 40% chemicals, 40% water, 50% electricity, and 30% natural gas, 50% lower emissions.

Non Toxic Printing

Water-based, PVC free and Phthalate free inks

Local manufacturing

Our entire manufacturing operation takes place within an 8-mile radius

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduction of light fixtures in our buildings by 50%, switched to energy efficient bulbs

Reusing all office copy papers

Recycling yarn cones, poly bags, boxes and pallets

Recycling newspapers, magazines, packing material, bottles & cans

Recycling all leftover fabric cutouts during the cutting process with zero amount going to trash bins

Fair Trade


Fair Trade is a natural evolution of the values bgreen has held since inception. It’s a promise to our employees, and to our customers, of our commitment to people, planet and quality.

The Fair Trade Certified™ label on every bgreen product, signifies that rigorous social, environmental and economic standards have been met in our factory, and that our workers earn financial Premiums with every sale, to support sustainable livelihoods for their families and communities. 

Client Testimonials


MLS-1021: Snug Fit - Jordan V-Neck

I recently purchased several different brands of grey t-shirts, to see which I liked the best, for wearing under open necked light blue business dress shirts.

This one is the winner, and I am about to get a bunch more.

It's all organic cotton. I also tried some polyester-cotton blends, which might look better when used for outerwear (sharper fit after washed), but which I can sense as a slight irritant to my skin. I also had some "bamboo" shirts, which I've since learned are not the natural bamboo fiber, but a manufactured fiber, like rayon, using bamboo and some harsh chemicals as raw materials, and which shirts also tend on the thin and droopy side. The other all cotton t-shirts I tried were not organic.

The v-neck on this one is what I was looking for. Some of the other t-shirts had less of a v-neck, too close around the neck. I did not try any t-shirts with a deep v-neck ... not my style.

The grey color on this was as shown and what I was looking for. One of the other brands came only in a grey that was too dark for my purposes.

The sizing on this was typical. I usually wear a large, but one of the other brands only fit me in the x-large size. This one fit fine in large.

The pricing on this was reasonable, given the excellent quality construction and organic materials. The big name brands are lower cost, but cheaper materials, manufactured in "sweat" (aka slave) shops, and not organic (so likely some sort of BT (GMO) cotton from Monsanto). The fancy brands can cost quite a bit more than this one, for no benefit that I am aware of. I didn't not however try the expensive brands.

- Paul J.

MBB-701: CE Boxer

My husband's favorite boxers, bar none. The absolute best.

- Kelly W.

MBB-280: CE Brief

I was never so jealous as when I took this pair of underwear out of the package! They are soooo soft and nice wide, covered waistband. My husband hasn't tried them on yet so I can't answer to fit or longevity but they feel substantially made.

- "Chickenmama"

MLS-1020: Snug Fit - Adam Crew Neck

I haven't had a shirt fit so well in as long as I can remember. The material and the fit are extremely comfortable, and it's great to think that not only am I wearing a USA made shirt, but an ecologically "friendly" one as well. It's worth every penny, and I'll be more than happy to continue giving bgreen my business.

- Aaron

1% for the Planet


1% for the Planet is a global organization, leading a network of businesses, nonprofits, and individuals working together for a healthy planet. Their network consists of more than 1,100 member companies and thousands of approved nonprofit partners in more than 40 countries. 

Brands whose products and services feature the 1% for the Planet logo, give 1% of sales annually to nonprofit organizations dedicated to protecting the environment. Since 2002, they have raised more than $145 million to support their mission.

With every BGREEN purchase, 1% of sales goes directly to organizations who are committed to protecting our planet by saving land, forests, rivers and oceans, making agricultural and energy production more sustainable, and getting toxics out of the environment.

For more information, please visit www.onepercentfortheplanet.org


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