Happy Thanksgiving Everyone:

We’d like to share some exciting and important developments at BGREEN during our favorite food centric holiday!

Our Team has been working hard behind the scenes, expanding our team and increasing our production capacity. And, as promised in our last update, we have our first group of replenishments ready for Holiday shopping. We figured you have been waiting for a while and what better way to introduce you to them, than with a Storewide 25% Off Sale for Thanksgiving?! This first production run is massive, it includes your updated styles plus new arrivals, with most scheduled to be completed by December 5th. A small number of items will be completed by December 15th. We never want to run out of your favorite essentials again!


In some other exciting news, you’ll notice that many of the new updated styles will be arriving to you in our brand new packaging!

It’s been a LONG 2 year process to get it right. Our struggle was balancing our ultimate goal of never creating any unnecessary new waste, while also protecting the garments from the elements during warehousing and shipping (moisture, dust, etc.). After countless iterations, we developed reusable bags from EVA material, that won’t release HCL when heated or Dioxin when burned. Perfect to be used as jewelry, coin, or make up bags at home or during your travels.

We also did a complete overhaul of our shipping bags material. We now exclusively use 100% Recycled Poly Mailers provided by our new friends at EcoEnclose (www.ecoenclose.com). They finally made it easy, and cost-effective, for us to enclose our products in a more sustainable way that supports our core values. Organic. Fair Trade. Made in USA.

We can’t wait to share our next update with you soon. In the meantime, from our BGREEN Family to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend ahead!

-The BGREEN Team