We just want to update you on a few things happening over here at BGREEN as we head into an amazing Labor Day Weekend!

 1)      We will be doing a new redesign of our site very soon, and have recently integrated with some new warehouse and inventory technologies to help make our online shopping experience SO much better for you J However, with new technology always come a few new hiccups. We apologize if any of you have recently ordered your favorite BGREEN products only to be told we are actually out of them. This is a known issue, and will be resolved over the next 2 weeks. BUT, that brings us to some exciting news…

2)      We’ll be releasing a whole new updated 2017 line of our basic essentials just in time for the holidays! These will be offered in a limited run of styles & colors to start, but we’ll be broadening our offering as we head into next year, Do Not Fear. And this brings up some even BETTER news…

3)      Because we believe in creating the best Organic, Fair Trade, Made in USA products in a sustainable way… we thought we should also help to sustain the amount of dough in your pocket. We’ll soon be sending out promo codes on all our social media channels and via email, to give huge discounts on all our current 2016 inventory… BOOM! 

Thanks for being a huge reason we’re able to continue to manufacture our products in-house right here in Los Angeles, at America’s First and Only Fair Trade Certified Factory. Looking forward to sharing more with you guys soon, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions in the meantime.

 All our best,

 The BGREEN Team